Never Be Afraid to Try New Restaurants and Cuisines

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Never Be Afraid to Try New Restaurants and Cuisines

When I was growing up, my mother meat and potatoes for dinner each night. Once a week, we would order pizza from the same pizza place. I never even tried Mexican food until I was 18 years old! I loved it and that led me on a quest to try all of the different types of cuisines out there and I have to say that I love almost all of them. When trying a new cuisine, I don't always love the first dish I try, but I find that after trying a few dishes, I find one that I fall in love with. I think that trying new food frequently can be a great adventure that adds some zest to your life. I plan to post about many foods I have tried and plan to try on my blog, so come back soon!


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3 Tips For Enjoying Pizza With Fewer Carbs

Many people adopt a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, which may include either high protein or high fat. Just because you assume a low-carb lifestyle doesn't mean you cannot treat yourself to pizza and stay on track.

Start With The Crust

There is always the option to order pizza and simply scrape the toppings off to minimize the carbs you consume. As an alternative, you might treat yourself to a single slice with the crust and the avoid the crust on subsequent slices. Another option is to avoid pizzas with a pan or deep-dish crust since they will have more carbohydrates. Choose a thin crust option, if possible. If you opt to order a whole-wheat crust instead of the traditional option, be sure to read the nutrition facts. In many cases, whole-wheat options contain just as many carbs, if not more, than their traditional counterparts. If you are going to splurge on the carbs, you might as well enjoy yourself.

Pick Better Toppings

Most toppings for pizza are low-carb, but you might want to load up on options higher in protein and fat. For example, make sure you are ordering a pizza with full-fat mozzarella or other higher-fat cheese since these will keep you satisfied longer, especially if you are avoiding the crust. Depending on your specific way of doing a low-carb lifestyle, you might prefer to load your pizza with bacon, ham, or other higher-fat meats instead of chicken or beef. Pepperoni and sausage also tend to be higher in fat. Vegetables are also a good way to bulk-up your pizza with fewer carbs. Generally, you should be more conservative with tomatoes and peppers, but mushrooms, spinach, and olives can be a better option.

Try Alternative Sauces

If you will eat the typical marinara sauce, you might ask them to go light on the sauce to save a few carbohydrates and unwanted sugar. Other options for sauce include Alfredo sauce, which is typically made with cream and cheese, which are common on a low-carb diet. Some people prefer to have less sauce and want their pizza drizzled with olive oil or garlic-butter sauce, which are both frequently used in low-carb, high-fat diets. You should also be cautious about dipping your pizza in sauces that may be included on the side, such as ranch or blue cheese. Either incorporate them sparingly or if you are ordering pizza, purchase lower-carbohydrate brands beforehand. Most hot sauces are acceptable if you want to dunk your slice into something spicy.

As long as you are not eating pizza often, you can usually treat yourself to your local pizza place without feeling guilty. Minor adjustments to the pizza you order can make it easy to stay on track without feeling deprived. Contact your localtakeout pizza restaurant today.