Never Be Afraid to Try New Restaurants and Cuisines

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Never Be Afraid to Try New Restaurants and Cuisines

When I was growing up, my mother meat and potatoes for dinner each night. Once a week, we would order pizza from the same pizza place. I never even tried Mexican food until I was 18 years old! I loved it and that led me on a quest to try all of the different types of cuisines out there and I have to say that I love almost all of them. When trying a new cuisine, I don't always love the first dish I try, but I find that after trying a few dishes, I find one that I fall in love with. I think that trying new food frequently can be a great adventure that adds some zest to your life. I plan to post about many foods I have tried and plan to try on my blog, so come back soon!


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Tips For Hosting A Special Event At An Italian Restaurant

Once you've decided on hosting your special event at a restaurant, you'll need to decide on the type of cuisine.  You can't go wrong with Italian food, which is so versatile that it's sure to please everyone on your guest list.

You can either to choose to have your special occasion catered by the restaurant, or hold it the eatery itself. If you have a large party, ask if you can reserve the entire venue for the duration of the event for a private dining experience. 

An Italian restaurant will make an elegant backdrop for almost any type of event, such as kids' and adults' birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, wedding rehearsals and receptions, class and family reunions, holiday get-togethers, and graduation and anniversary soirees. If the celebration is small and intimate, you can either opt for just an Italian private dining room in the restaurant, or hold the event in a cozy Italian cafe.'

After picking the perfect restaurant for your party, reserve it as far in advance as possible, especially during busy times of the year, such as the holiday season. Also, inquire as to whether they serve alcohol during special events, or if you need to bring in your own.

Here are additional tips for holding your celebration at an Italian restaurant:

1. Menu Planning

Work with the event team to design the ideal menu for your event. The eatery may offer one set menu for large groups, or you may be able to customize the dishes. As one option, you can serve guests family-style on buffet tables. Some entree items include both meat and vegetarian lasagna, eggplant Parmesan, baked ziti and stuffed manicotti. Guests can mix and mingle as they fill their plates with their favorite foods. 

If you prefer a sit-down style dinner service, have guests choose their preferred dishes ahead of time if possible, so that the kitchen is prepared. When it comes to desserts, ask the eatery they include them in the meal, or if you need to bring them in from an outside source. 

2. Decorations

While many Italian restaurants already have a charming ambiance, you may want to bring in your own decorations as a personalized touch. Some ideas include balloons in colors that match the event theme, such as pink for a baby girl shower, or fresh floral table centerpieces.

Colorful tablecloths and linens, candles and customized napkin rings are other possible decor options.