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Never Be Afraid to Try New Restaurants and Cuisines

When I was growing up, my mother meat and potatoes for dinner each night. Once a week, we would order pizza from the same pizza place. I never even tried Mexican food until I was 18 years old! I loved it and that led me on a quest to try all of the different types of cuisines out there and I have to say that I love almost all of them. When trying a new cuisine, I don't always love the first dish I try, but I find that after trying a few dishes, I find one that I fall in love with. I think that trying new food frequently can be a great adventure that adds some zest to your life. I plan to post about many foods I have tried and plan to try on my blog, so come back soon!


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Types Of Pasta That You Should — And Shouldn't — Have Cooked Al Dente

If you enjoy eating Italian food, you may love the texture of your pasta when it's cooked al dente. The firm nature of the pasta when it's cooked in this manner helps to make it pleasing to the palate. When you order a pasta dish at a local Italian restaurant, you might want to specify to your server that you want the pasta cooked al dente. Doing so can increase the likelihood that you're happy with the texture of your meal — and, by extension, the entire meal itself. Here are two types of pasta that work well cooked al dente — and two that don't.


Spaghetti — and many other similar types of pasta that are long and thin — generally work well when they're cooked al dente. The thinness of this pasta makes it relatively easy to overcook, which can result in a mushy texture that isn't very palatable. Specifying that you want your spaghetti cooked al dente will give you a texture that augments the meal.


Penne pasta is common in a variety of dishes and is a favorite for many people. Because it's short and stubby, it's easier to eat than its longer counterparts. You'll almost certainly enjoy your penne dish more when you request that the pasta be cooked al dente. The firmness of the noodles provides a pleasant texture difference compared to the soft texture of the sauce.


If you visit an Italian restaurant frequently, there's a good chance that you'll order lasagna at some point. This dish is immensely popular with diners, and for good reason — its combination of pasta, sauce, meat, and cheese make every bite delicious. This is an example of an Italian dish that you don't want cooked al dente. Lasagna noodles can be a little on the thicker side, and cooking this pasta al dente could leave them too bony for your liking.


A bowl of ravioli stuffed with your favorite ingredients is another Italian restaurant meal that you'll enjoy during each bite. This is another type of pasta that you don't want cooked al dente. There's a lot of pasta in a single ravioli, and there's a certain comfort in biting into this type of pasta when it's been cooked to the point of being fully soft.

An experienced server at your local Italian eatery can always give you some advice as to whether the dish you're planning to order is best to enjoy with the pasta al dente or not. Contact an Italian restaurant like Tony & Joe's Pizzeria for more information.